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Michael Landau Great Bootleg – Hopmunk Tavern in Sebastopol

TGP member, Easy Ed, has posted a fantastic, high quality recording of this live Michael Landau show from earlier this month. I’ve been listening to it all week – its crazy good.

Its available via torrent here in FLAC format: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-d….php?id=360019

I have also exported out an MP3 version you can download direct here (for a limited time): http://tastychops.tv/MichaelLandauSebastopolCA_mp3.zip

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Jimi at the BBC

Hendrix tearing the BBC a new one in 1969.

(via austinkleon)

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Michael Landau “Underwear”

Michael Landau has it going on.

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Philip Sayce in London

Philip Sayce playing to a small crowd at the 100 Club in London just last week. Great SRV-ish playing and killer strat tone. When he’s not tearing down some slow blues Philip plays sideman to Melissa Etheridge.

Seems like quite a few of the audience members were armed with cams – lots of great vids popping up.

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Photo: Leo’s Stratocaster Patent

Leo’s patent for the Stratocaster.

(via mfs)

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’57 Strat on Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow unearths a ‘57 Strat. Better than a Wedgewood dinner set.

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Jeff Beck “Stratus”

Jeff Beck at the New Orleans Jazz Fest last week. The track is Stratus. Word on the street is that all that tone is being pumped out via the little green Fender Pro Junior (cooked up with a Klon) on top of the Marshall quad. If you gots it you gots it.

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Knopfler on Guitars

Mark Knopfler on guitars. What’s not to love?

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Ry Cooder “Dark End of the Street”

Was at a friend’s place on Saturday night who put the awesome Paris, Texas movie soundtrack on while we were sitting by the fire. Had to come back and find me some more Ry. Here is the inimitable Ry Cooder playing Dark End of the Street in 1977 on the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test. Superb slide, sublime strat etc etc

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Richard Thompson “When the Spell is Broken”

English folk legend, Richard Thompson, with When the Spell is Broken back in 1985.

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