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Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face Audio Clip

Gear details: 1995 Custom Shop Master Built w/ Arcane single coil pickups, Dunlop Jazz III pick (90′s era), Dunlop 10 gauge pure nickel strings, EJ Fuzz Face (fuzz knob dialed right around teardrop like EJ), Marshall 100-watt Super Tremolo head into matching era cab with 25-watt Celestions, Vintage Unidyne III, Shure SM-57 into Avalon 737sp channel strip, Pro Tools HD3 with Apogee converters.

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First Demo of EJ Fuzz Face

Some killer sounding quick demos of the EJ fuzz courtesy of James Santiago from Voodoo Labs. He’s got the EJ licks down and it sounds HOT.

“Even though I did these while doing homework on my own Giggity pedal, they do also prove that the EJ fuzz sounds pretty awesome…Bear in mind that these were done with a real signed off version of EJ’s pedal. Other than myself, Jeorge Tripps and EJ, any other people that claim to have a different color/version are not hearing the final product.”
- James Santiago, Voodoo Labs

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Jim Dunlop Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face Prototype Pics

News from Patrick Patterson, a member on the EJ fan forum, with pictures of his newly acquired EJ Signature Fuzz Face prototype. So the rumours were true and production shouldn’t be far off now! Early 2012 perhaps?

“…here are some photos of my prototype Eric Johnson Fuzz Face I picked up in Visalia, CA on 7/15/11. This thing sounds great in front of my Twin but sounds even better through a Marshall (I tried a 1970 big box 50W). I’m not sure if the production one will have them, but mine has BC183′s. This unit was hand wired by Jeorge Tripps. He founded Way Huge and is currently the Director of Product Development for Jim Dunlop. He also worked on the Hendrix and Bonamassa Fuzz Faces. A genuinely nice guy and it was a pleasure to meet him. It, to me, was even more of an honor to get to meet Eric back stage after the show. I cannot wait for the production version to come out so I can A/B them.”

View more pics here >

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Dunlop Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face TBC


Rumours abound of a new Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face to be released shortly by Jim Dunlop. After the success of the Bonamassa edition its no surprise that Dunlop would be looking to follow it up with another celebrity Fuzz Face model and who better to partner with than the man with best ear for Fuzz Face tones in the business? The classic EJ tone is generally working off a vintage Fuzz Face, Echoplex, Chandler Tube Driver and a wall of vintage amps. It works … big time.

Below is a shot of a recent EJ setup with some rather special looking Dunlop Fuzz Faces.

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Jimi Hendrix “Machine Gun”

Happy birthday to the late, great Jimi Hendrix for yesterday (27/11/1942). I’m always late with birthdays. Anyway – its a great excuse to sit back and be blown away by this great performance of Machine Gun again. We miss you Jimi.

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