Robben Ford “One Taste” Streaming

A new recording by Robben Ford titled “One Taste” is available to stream for free on his Guitar Dojo website.

Robben says, “A lot of great music is lost to the air when great players jam. And people often do their best playing in jam situations. (For those who are unsure of the term: jamming is slang for improvising; unscripted inspiration of the moment.) I decided to get some of my favorite players together, in a pro studio so that it was well-recorded, bring some simple ideas to start from and let it rip.”

Stream it free from Guitar Dojo.

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Quote: Keith Richards

“You don’t find a style … a style finds you.”

Keith Richards

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Shawn Lane Bookstore Improv

Shawn Lane … he was ridiculously fast … but still tasty. This is mind boggling stuff.

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Matt Schofield’s New Pedalboard

New pedalboard for Matt Schofield put together by Vertex Effects. This board is right down my alley – a few quality pedals put together really well. Its a great setup that covers the blues rock tones. Of course the fact they are hooked up to Matt’s Two Rock amps doesn’t hurt.

The signal chain is as follows:

INTERFACE (Vertex input buffer) > Sonic Research Turbo Tuner > Providence SOV-2 FTT > KLON Centaur > INTERFACE (break-out to Wah) > Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay > INTERFACE (Vertex output buffer w/splitter to two amplifiers. Amp 2 is transformer isolated with a polarity switch on the back of the interface)

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Gary Clark Jr “Bright Lights”

Gary Clark Jr at Crossroads 2010 with the equally awesome Doyle Bramhall II. Great song, great voice, tasty chops … This guy has IT!

Right now I’m going to head off and buy his new Bright Lights EP. More info available from

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Richie Kotzen “24 Hours”

Richie Kotzen is one of the few guys that can shred but still has a great melodic sense and a really nice feel. The other thing I love about Richie are his bling-tastic custom Fenders from the Fender Japan custom shop. Just so beautiful. Anyways, here is his new video single. Like? Not like?

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Brian May Goes Gaga

Brian May takes centre stage with Lady Gaga at the VMA’s. The old boy still got it. Big time.

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Taylor SolidBody Configurator “The TastyTaylor”

After getting all excited just now reading about GuitarNoize’s and I Heart Guitar’s Taylor sponsored SolidBody builds I gave the online configurator a go myself. The configurator is really easy to use and gets the GAS muscles twitching. I ended up with a tastychop’s approved blues and classic rock machine. Two humbuckers, ‘burst, aged pearl guard … pure crunch and roll.

The specs on my one here:

Model: Classic
Cutaway: Double
Color: Tobacco Sunburst
Pickup: 2 Vintage Alnico Humbuckers
Bridge: Stoptail
Pickguard: Aged White Pearloid

What do you think?

Also, be sure to have a go of the Taylor SolidBody Configurator yourself. There’s some pretty loud colour options there so be sure to keep it tasty : )

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Keith Urban on the Telecaster

Keith Urban is a hell of a guitar player. Here Keith talks about his first Telecaster and gives some general thoughts on the greatest guitar ever invented.

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1979 Dumble Overdrive Deluxe Video

Say the word ‘Dumble’ and a million internet forum based guitar players wet their pants and start discussing Robben Ford, Zendrive pedals, the Ethos Overdrive, Two Rock amps and John Mayer. They then proceed to upload their ‘Politician’ clips to vouch for their Dumble-ness and multiple flame wars descend from every direction. For all the hype though its worth checking out this clip to be reminded of what all the fuss is about. Great sound.

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