Dunlop Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face TBC


Rumours abound of a new Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face to be released shortly by Jim Dunlop. After the success of the Bonamassa edition its no surprise that Dunlop would be looking to follow it up with another celebrity Fuzz Face model and who better to partner with than the man with best ear for Fuzz Face tones in the business? The classic EJ tone is generally working off a vintage Fuzz Face, Echoplex, Chandler Tube Driver and a wall of vintage amps. It works … big time.

Below is a shot of a recent EJ setup with some rather special looking Dunlop Fuzz Faces.

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4 Responses to Dunlop Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face TBC

  1. Mark Hunter says:

    Exciting news for Fuzz Face and EJ fans! I LOVE the look of the blue-ish green F-Face in the photo. Reminds me of a Schwin bicycle seat I had as a kid or maybe a rare Fender Custom Shop color. The Baby Blue color looks too nice for a F/F, IMO. Let us know soon, Dunlop!

  2. tastychops says:

    Yes – so keen for this too! Dunlop please confirm!

  3. tastychops says:

    Yes – things are gathering pace! News to hand with pics available here:

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