Gary Clark Jr Australian Tour Dates Announced

Gary Clark Jr is one of our favourites here at tasychops HQ and we are stoked he is coming to Australia!

Dates for Melbourne and Sydney as follows:

The Tote Hotel
Melbourne, VIC
Buy Tickets

Annandale Hotel
Sydney, NSW
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Jimi Hendrix Experience Live in Stockholm 1969

From the moment he hits the strings … KAPOW!!!

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James Trussart Cry Baby on Lenny Kravitz’s Stage

Lenny Kravitz’s guitarist, Craig Ross, spotted here with the James Trussart designed Cry Baby. It lives! But when will it ship?

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Doug Pettibone Lined up to Tour with John Mayer

Say what you like about John Mayer but the man has impeccable taste in sidemen. News from the Mayer camp itself was that tastychops favourite Trussart slinger, Doug Pettibone, was to be joining the mouth-y one for his (just cancelled) Spring dates. Pettibone is such a great, edgy player and his playing is stylistically quite a shift away from the sweet, on-the money vibe of Mayer’s previous wingman, Robbie Macintosh.

Pettibone’s previous work with Lucinda Williams is awe inspiring and with the more rootsy, southern vibe of the new Mayer record it could be a great fit. Lets hope JM gets his throat sorted and the show can get back on the road.

Have you checked out the lead single ‘Shadow Days’ from ‘Born and Raised’? Thoughts?

And for a reminder of Pettibone’s greatness check this recent post.

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Gary Clark Jr’s Pedalboard

Simple and to the point … would you expect anything less? Gary Clark Jr gets his huge blues tones from his Epiphone Casino, a simple bunch of pedals and a Fender Vibroking.

The pedalboard contains the following (not in signal order):

Analogman ARDX20 Dual Analog Delay > Fulltone Octafuzz > Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer > Roland EV-5 > Malekko Analog delay 616 > Korg Pitchblack tuner > Real McCoy Picture Wah

Go on … watch ‘Bright Lights‘ again : )

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Robben Ford’s New Pedalboard

Here is the new pedalboard for Robben Ford put together by Vertex Effects. Mason from Vertex is doing work for some of the finest players going, including Tom Bukovac, Michael Landau, Matt Schofield … not a bad client list!

The signal chain of this board is as follows:

Interface (passive) > Korg Pitchblack Tuner > Lovepedal COT 50 Lil’ China > Tanabe Dumkudo > Vertex Boost (Prototype) > Vox Wah (Vertex Axis Mod) > Vertex Volume Pedal (modified Boss FV-500) > Vertex “Michael Landau” Modified Arion Chorus (stereo) > Vertex modified Line 6 DL-4 (stereo) > T.C. Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb (stereo) > T.C. Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb (stereo) > Interface (Stereo Outputs with Vertex Dual Output Buffers > ISO transformer on left output, and a polarity switch).

More info available at Vertex Effects

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Doug Pettibone on James Trussart

Doug Pettibone is my kinda guy … he loves Trussarts, he’s played with Lucinda Williams and Ray LaMontagne (two of my fav singers and writers) and he has oodles of vibe. In a neat, little interview with Guitar International he bangs the “what’s so great about Trussart anyway?” nail on the head:

“I’m using a lot of James Trussart guitars. I really love them. What attracted me first was the visual – he is an artist. His guitars are beautifully crafted, original and they are metal, as you know. They are hollow, and I really like hollow electric guitars. The just have the overtones and sustain that I love. You get more out of them, I think. They just come alive when you plug them in. You’re not sure what they’re gonna do all the time but it’s usually pretty cool!”

And here is Doug with Lucinda and his James Trussart Steel Devillie:

Read the full interview

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Limited Edition Trussart Cry Baby Wah

This ad for a paisley engraved Trussart wah appeared in Guitar Aficianado recently. No further word from Dunlop or Trussart at this stage but from the ad we can see that its a limited edition … it will be available this year … and it looks funky as hell! The fact that the only mention of it has been in Guitar Aficianado (between the Rolex and Single Malt ads) suggests that its going to cost a small fortune.

Plucked from My Les Paul forum.

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Gary Clark Jr. “Don’t Owe You A Thang” Official Video

New video from our blues man of the moment, Gary Clark Jr. Really looking forward to a full length album from this guy.

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Baby Budda – Twinmaster in a Lunchbox

Budda was at the very start of the low powered amp revolution when it launched the Twinmaster back in 1995. Its great to see them both looking back and moving forward by wrapping up the Twinmaster into the current hot thing, the Lunchbox amp, with the Baby Budda.

Features & Specifications

- Completely hand wired in the U.S.A.
- Point-to-point power section
- Brass-eyelet board preamp section
- Two high-grade EL84 power tubes
- Two high-grade 12AX7 preamp tubes
- 5U4 rectifier tube
- Class AB power section
- Cascading preamp design
- Custom-wound transformers
- 4/8-ohm impedance switch
- Normal and High Gain inputs
- Treble, Bass and Volume controls
- Effects loop
- Slave output
- Metal chassis and housing
- Made in the U.S.A.
- U.S. MSRP $1499.99

I am a huge Budda fan. My Superdrive 18 II is my favourite amp ever. I have always veered towards EL84 amps and I love the Budda take on it. Wide, rich, chimey … perfect!

The Baby Budda looks really promising. I would prefer it in a standard headshell as the Lunchbox aesthetic is a little chintzy. Nonetheless … handwired Budda tone in a portable package, I’ll take one!

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